Unexpected Can Defend Persija, Ex Borneo FC Ready To Seize Left Back Position

Unexpected Can Defend Persija, Ex Borneo FC Ready To Seize Left Back Position

One sector that became the attention of Persija Jakarta in the second round of Liga1 is the left back, given the Tiger Kemayoran will lose Rezaldi Hehanusa who must defend the national team.

Not only that, coach Stefano Cugurra Teco also did not have any more stock in the left-back sector. So often use impromptu players in such positions as Maman Abdurrahman and Mario Vava Yagalo, which is actually a central defender. For that management Persija bring in one player to fill left back who will occupy by Rezaldi.

The figure is Michael Orah from Pusamania Borneo FC. It comes with a player’s loan swap status. He just arrived at the weekend. Orah, as he called, claimed to be proud to join Persija.

“To be honest, I did not expect to be costumed this team. This is God’s best plan for me. I’m glad, “Orah said.

Players from Tomohon, North Sulawesi is aware not easy to be a starter in a team of Tiger Kemayoran. But, he will not despair and ready to grab the left back position.

“There are many quality players in this team. Not to mention there is Rezaldi Hehanusa who is a national team player. I’m ready to compete. The coach who will decide, “Orah added.

Orah did not boast. To prove his ambition, he is willing to increase his own training hours. Later, every morning, he adds to the portion of physical exercise by running in the field of Sutasoma, the complex of Halim Perdana Kusuma. “I do not want to disappoint Persija,” he said.

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