New Italian Serie A presidential league selection postponed

New Italian Serie A presidential league selection postponed

The 20 clubs of Italian Serie A participants hold an annual meeting in the City of Milan, with the main agenda of the new Lega Calcio Serie A presidential election. However, the new presidential election should be postponed Serie A.

As reported by Football Italia, the majority of Serie A clubs do not have a favorite candidate for them to choose. Only Lazio and Juventus have been stating support for one figure.

Lazio President Claudio Lotito and Juventus President Andrea Agnelli support Marco Brunelli for the job. Brunelli currently serves as CEO or general manager of Serie A.

However, to be elected president, each candidate requires a minimum of 15 votes in the voting. Unfortunately, the number of votes Brunelli earned has not reached that number, so the election is postponed. According to Gazetta dello Sport, voting will be held again in 12 days.

Before the presidential election, the President of Auditor Team will be held, which is currently held by Ezio Maria Simonelli. The last Serie A president was held by Maurizio Berretta. He served for two periods (August 2009-January 2013 and January 2013-April 2017).

The former RAI journalist resigned last April. During the lead, he successfully gave a profit through the sale of broadcasting rights to RTI and Sky. In addition, former AC Milan CEO Adriano Galliani, also held this position from 2002 to 2006.

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